A Rare Victoria Cross Death Plaque

Lot401 Death PlaqueA Rare Victoria Cross Death Plaque. WWI Bourlon Wood, Cambai. Victoria Death Plaque. A/Captain Walter Napleton Stone. 17th Bn Royal Fusiliers Died 30th November 1917 Killed in VC Action. With Citation – An extract from “The London Gazette” dated 12th Feb, 1918, records the following:- “For most conspicuous bravery when in command of a company in an isolated position 1,000 yards in front of the main line, and overlooking the enemy’s position. He observed the enemy massing for an attack, and afforded invaluable information to battalion headquarters. He was ordered to withdraw his company, leaving a rearguard to cover the withdrawal. The attack developing with unexpected speed, Capt. Stone sent three platoons back and remained with the rearguard himself. He stood on the parapet with the telephone under a tremendous bombardment, observing the enemy and continued to send back valuable information until the wire was cut by his orders. The rearguard was eventually surrounded and cut to pieces, and Capt. Stone was seen fighting to the last till he was shot through the head. The extraordinary coolness of this heroic officer and the accuracy of his information enabled dispositions to be made just in time to save the line and obvert disaster.”

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