RBL Charity Auction

The Great Centenary Auction has announced that the first Auction, scheduled for September 21st will now not be held until the Spring.

“The Working Group has a large quantity of consigned donations and the volume is growing” said Col. David James.

“In order to maximise the funds raised for the RBL Bomb Blast Injuries Research Centre at Imperial College, we are anxious to process as many donations as possible and not to rush the production of the catalogue. We are looking carefully at the RBL Centenary programme in March and April in order to choose a date which does not clash with other events.

The response from Legion members has been brilliant and cartons being delivered by our sponsors, I-Post, including twenty from a Legion padre in Somerset – his entire library!

Our main focus now is to appeal to the public for items of value, including jewellery, fine art, old pens etc. We also need collections of postcards, coins and stamps to help us reach our target” Colonel James added.

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