James&Sons Insurance Valuations

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ (proverb)

Could you be under insured? Many families have under-insured jewellery as Gold and Silver prices have doubled in the past two years.

Fine Art and Antiques can increase or decrease in value, often without the owner being aware of current market prices. However large or small your collection we can offer you a confidential insurance valuation to suit your needs. A James&Sons Inventory will provide you with a clear, understandable, accessible document which can be made available to your insurance company as required.

We would recommend reviewing your valuations every five years to ensure that changes in the market, as well as additions or removals are reflected.

Probate Valuations and Dispersals:

We understand the challenges facing executors and trustees when dealing with an estate. Therefore, at James&Sons our approach is very simple, to complement and assist the work of the executor.

We will deliver a promp, professional and confidential service arranging the valuation, collection, storage and sale of a single item or an entire house collection.

Our objective is to maxamise the prices realised for each item belonging to an estate whilst ensuring that individual sales are kept to a minimum and are dealt with as soon as possible.

We are happy to assist identifying specific requests and advising on the level of insurance cover required for these items.

Each estate is directly supervised by a director of James&Sons who will provide you with regular progress reports throughout the process. We will ensure that the client’s monies are ‘ring-fenced’, that promp payment is made of any proceeds of a sale and that you are supplied with concise paperwork including a final statement summery.

For more information or to speak to an expert please contact us!

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